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How to Kiss- The most Interesting Part of Every Mankind

How to kiss

There are various types of kissing practice are on demand for every teenagers. They love to experience the modern and most effective kissing. But most of us not aware about that which one is the most interesting to grab the attention of the kissing partner. Here I want to share my view of kissing in a healthy way. Here you know how to kiss a girl, how to kiss a boy, how to French kiss, how to kiss on lips properly, how to kiss for the first time, how to kiss lip to lip only etc.

How to kiss a Girl:

Most of the men and school boys are not aware about the fact of girls. Girls are soft hearted. Most of the girls are wanted to be a part of kissing from her loved ones. They don’t need lot of kiss or kissing every time. At first you have to know the girls mind. What does she wants from you? Any pleasure, friendship or a true relationship. After confirming all you can talk to him in a friendly way. Most importantly don’t ask her for a kiss. She deny every time. So be smart. After sharing lots of time with her try to go closer towards her. If she accept your closeness then start moving toward her face. You need to see her eyes only, not any other body parts. That is the tricky part. Then if everything is ok till the end, kiss her smoothly and slowly on her lip. Goalll.

How to kiss a Boy:

If you want to know or understand how to kiss a boy, then it might be a love or a true relationship. Every boy wants to get a kissing situation with his loved ones. So if you want to impress him by your extra ordinary talent of kissing, then you need to prepare yourself with lot of enthusiasm. Close your eyes, hug him tightly and start kissing in every possible way. He feels far better than before.

How to French Kiss:

French kiss is the most stylish and cool way of kissing in the modern industry. It is the highest populated kissing style. Demand of this kissing style is observed due to some Bollywood or Hollywood movies. It’s not a big thing, but you have to practice it more and more and you will become master in it. It’s not any rule that you need to follow for kissing. In this kissing technique you don’t need to pressurized your lips, but take it lightly and make your kiss simpler by using only lips. Close your eyes and feel the charm of it. Just focus on her lips and bite sometime with little gesture. That’s enough.

How to Kiss on Lips:

Lips are very sensual part of every mankind. Either it is men or women, boy or girl; everyone need some kissing intimation with her/his loved ones. Before start kissing on lips you must have the guts of having kiss into her face. If you get that permission then you might get the permission to kiss her on lips. First of all you need to touch her lips by your finger and see the magic in her face. If she feel good with the touch then go ahead of kissing directly into her/his lips. Don’t feared about what she or he says to you or think about you after kissing. Because if you do so it will lose your confidence and you will make mistake. So be confident and go ahead.

How to Kiss for the First Time:

If you think about kissing a lot more, then it became difficult for you to focus on other important aspect of kissing. Take your time more on thinking about the girl or boy. How the human being he/she is; what about her/his character; etc. Become a very good friend then try to be close to him or her. Ok! leave the Gyan part. Before start kissing, hold her hand. Get trust from her. Then look at her eyes and hold his back tightly. If she feels comfortable then go ahead and kiss on her lips. While kissing don’t touch on her any of the body parts. It feels uncomfortable to her. That is all. Don’t panic just go forward and do it.

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