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Advantages of SEO as Compare to PPC- PPC vs SEO


Now a days everyone wants to know which one is more preferable for a website, Optimization of a website as based on search engine or run a paid campaign for any search engine..

If you want to do SEO of a webpage first of all you have to keep in mind that is the patience. SEO is a long but steady procedure that can give profit after a long time, where-as if you want to do PPC, you get spontaneous result to get a better profit of your business.

SEO Factors:

When you start doing seo of a website, then you have to think about the backlink. How many backlink you create for any website will increase its PageRank. Yes it is required to check for which type of website you want create that backlink. Your backlinks must be relevant to your to your product page.

On Page and Off Page SEO:

There are lots of factor works on this SEO strategy. Generating back-links, posting you local business to the local listing sites, increase link authority of your domain is the key point that you have to keep in mind always. Generating backlinks means nothing but the off page submission. There is another most basic and necessary part of this SEO strategy is you need to optimize your inner page formation right in order to Google guidelines. This is called on page optimization.

If you complete all your on page factors for seo and resolve all that errors that need to be fixed first, your half work is done. Now all you need to do is off page work. It is nothing but tell Google that "there is page which is important you must crawl it". To give Google that trust and authority you have to do variety of off page submission like bookmarking, classified posting, local listing, etc.

After months of practicing this type of off page activity, you will get some decent traffic into your website. It is permanent and then what you have to do to continue this trust is, write article, post article, blogs, make depth pages and link them to high authority pages as much as you can. Without a heavy and planned content you can't stand out in Google search engine. It is all about your physical and dedicated mental work that will give long term revenue.

PPC Factor:

In case of PPC mainly you have to think about your best keywords. You may think keywords, oh it’s a very easy work. But when you see the total analytical parts of Google adwords campaign then you can understand how difficult to get some ideas about that relevant keywords to your business.

You have to understand what your product is and what user mainly searches for to get that product. You make campaign for those keywords and make a bid for it. You pay to Google and Google will automatically turn on your ads in front of Search engine user. But you have to pay a heavy amount for it. User will click on your ads and goes to your landing page. It’s a mandatory part that you need to create your landing page relevant to those keywords.

It’s a short term revenue strategy, that if you have money your page will show in the top without struggling for months to do that. It’s an instant result, but not permanent as compared to SEO. Starts explore you with latest Digital Marketing Strategies now.

You can get some ideas about it through these blog as well.

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