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Importance of Content Marketing Strategy in SEO

Content Marketing Strategy

We all known about the fact that digital marketing is the new boom factor in today's business. Whatever your business is, all depends on this new era of marketing. Most of the people are involved in online through mobile or tab or any electronic devices. So its clear to everyone that if you want to stand out in this competition you have to grow your online presence in various search engines most importantly in Google.

There is various Digital Marketing strategies that you can follow to grow more traffic into your website. Content marketing is one of the most important part that you can't ignore. As per Google guidelines content is the king of all marketing strategies. Content is the one who give value to your website now a days. Google give importance to those pages which follow the right content marketing strategy.

Content marketing depends on several factors such as

1. Keywords dependency
2. Linking Opportunity
3. Proper Structuring
4. User Experience
5. Visual Effects

First thing I want to share with you is keywords dependency in a content marketing strategy. You have to focus on some keywords for which you want to make your page or blog/article. Whatever it is you need to keep in mind that you have to use the keywords most of the time in that. You need to play with those keywords with variety of sentences. Google understand that the page talk about the keywords and give value to those keywords that you rank for. But you can't use irrelevant keywords to increase your keyword density. Content marketing strategy not tells you to follow the keywords stuffing rule. Use generic keywords, make your content fresh and post it to the proper sites is the main thing in content marketing strategy.

Second thing I want to tell you about is Linking opportunity in a  content marketing strategy. The main concern about this part is to getting Google's trust using linking to keywords. Whatever you write, if you a solid link of that then you don't have to think much. Google understand your content more accurately if you use anchor text in a number of times into your main keywords. If you have enough own internal link to add to those keywords then its fine, otherwise you can add external links. Google gives you value more if you do this. But keep in mind that you have to use proper no-follow tags to that external links. Generating backlinks from high authority pages or add links to your page and post it to popular sites is the general technique of a content marketing strategy.

Structuring content is also a important part of content marketing strategy. If you have good content to post then it is your duty to structure that content with proper heading subheading. Google gives more value to h1 tag than h2 tag. You can add only one h1 tag but you can use several h2 tag as it is more valuable than any p tags. Use your keywords in h tags as much as possible. Use bullet pointers to the important parts than using long paragraph. If you can use this type of techniques in your page or article then success is not a far away. By this type of content marketing strategy you can grow your user trust as well.

User experience is the most trust-able part of content marketing strategy. To increase traffic to your website its your duty to engage your user to the last part of your content. By this process you can decrease your page bounce rate and increase your session duration as well. By which Google will give value to your page and increase your ranking automatically. Avoid lengthy paragraphs, use bullet pointers, highlight important keywords, make subheadings are the smart techniques of content marketing strategy that you have to learn.

You can't neglect this part as visual effects are the most challenging part of content marketing strategy. What user see is more important than what user read. Reader understand better your content by viewing it rather read it for a long time. In todays social media networks people engage more in viewing. So its your duty to use proper banner and info-graphic image into your page is main thing to do in content marketing strategy. If you have lots of banner in your page then you get many alt tags to add in that page, which will improve your ranking as well.
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