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10 Facts of Major Google Algorithm Updates

Google Algorithm Updates

The Truth About Google Updates and it's Effect on search engines

We all are familiar with the Google recent trends and updates. There is a huge collection of information stored behind the Google Algorithm and Updates. All you have to do is reveal the story and history behind the Google Algorithms.

Google constantly working on the improvement of Search experience. Google Rolled out Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and many more algorithm to punish the all unethical works in Digital Marketing and give justice to all the pages which follows the Google Ethical guidelines.

In Digital Marketing there is lot of technology and strategies are used to get more traffic. Search engine optimization, Search engine marketing, Social Media optimization, Social media marketing, On page SEO, off page SEO, Link building, Interlinking and many more. All these techniques are used to get better ROI. You get various types of techniques and tools to make your Digital Marketing campaign run smoothly. But In this article I am discussing about some simple rule, which will help you in a right way.

Google Panda Updates:

If you learn about some of the major Google algorithm updates then you can understand SEO is a very easy and vital part for you. If I talk about Google algorithm update then You must know about Google Panda update. It is the most important one. As Panda is look like a very sweet and strong one, this update also have a strong impact on search engine. This update is the main reason you have to focus on your page content. Content quality and freshness will measure your search ranking.

Google Penguin Updates:

After fixing all your content its time to work on your Links. I am talk about Google Penguin updates. Before Penguin update, many Digital Marketing entrepreneurs uses unethical link building to get more trustworthy in the eye of Google. But Google open up his eye and penalized all that false link building techniques. What you have to do in this part is to stop that wicked black hat SEO work and try to making proper anchor text and add links to related pages.

Google Pigeon Updates:

Another important updates of Google Algorithm is Pigeon Update. Google Pigeon updates was rolled out to improve the Local search results. It gives value to the pages which are having some local description. It was become vital to local listing for business owners. Google shows the user better result locally. Penguin gives priority to the the pages which includes local maps, local address, and more relevant to the user geographical area.

Google Hummingbird Updates:

Google Hummingbird update was rolled out to understand the query of the user correctly. It does not look the exact keywords that user enter in the search engine. It understand the meaning of the keyword and make a sentence according to the keyword. Many pages add extra irrelevant keywords to their page which decreases the user prospective to search. So its became vital to create valuable content and you must be focus on the content quality without keyword stuffing.

Google Pirate Updates:

Google Pirate Update was a short but very effective one. It deals with the copyright issue. Google demoted the sites that have lots of fake duplicate file sharing videos, mp3 etc. This was a good news for those websites of having original files. So you have to focus on original content as well as files which will definitely get value from search engine.

Google Phantom Updates:

Another interesting but very confusing update was Google Phantom Update. Google rolled out this one and the effect shows on Analytics very well. Lots of sites were loose traffic due to this update. There is a confusion that is it the Panda update or the Penguin. Not exactly both of them but yes, there is similarity between them to Phantom. It penalize those sites which shares links between them with the same anchor text. Google Phantom demotes those sites which uses scraping content in their blogs and pages as well. So again I say about the Quality, the content quality is become the most important part of Digital Marketing.

Google HTTS Updates:

After a long research Google launched a security update that is HTTPS update. There are several sites which deals with payments or other cash related business directly with the visitor. Google take this a serious note and prioritize the sites which are having the https. So that people get the most secure and encrypted pages in Google search results.

Google Mobile Friendly Updates:

On 2015 Google launched a Mobile-friendly update. It has the huge impact on search engine. It was another step to improve the user experience. Google launched this one for the mobile user basically. Google shows the good ranking in searches to those sites which were having the mobile optimized sites. Image, table, content, heading, form the other useful things in a website must be responsive for both in desktop and mobile.

Google Caffeine Updates:

Before Hummingbird, in 2010 Google rolled out a new web indexing system that is Caffeine. It gives the user fresher and recent link or pages. Caffeine helps the Google to find out which site is recently updated and which are the old one. So it became vital to regularly update your pages and post new blog into your website to get better users eye.

Google RankBrain Updates:

On October 2015 Google made a drastic change in their algorithm by rolled out Google RankBrain update. It is nothing but a machine-learning artificial intelligence system to help Google in processing its search results. Main reason to launch this algorithm is to provide the better results to the user queries. It is a machine learning program such that it is not rely on human maintenance. What you need to do in these case is to focusing on creating a good blog, or good page or a good article or a informative site rather than wasting time in making pages to target some keywords.
Think from a user perspective and put almost everything what a user want from your page. Search Engine Optimization is not a difficult task to do if you understand the basic Google Guidelines.
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