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Google Algorithms

To get the rank well in search engines for any website, it’s very important to know how the Google works on this ranking. It's required to know what are the changes have been done for the last few years to overcome the fraudulence activity in search engines.

Panda01 - 23 Feb 2011
Panda02 - 11 Apr 2011
Panda03 - 09 May 2011

Panda04 - 21 Jun 2011
Panda28 (4.2) - 17 July 2015

Penguin 01 – 24 April 2012
Penguin 02 – 25 May 2012
Penguin 03 – 5 Oct 2012
Penguin 06 (2.2) – 17 Oct 2014
Penguin Everflux - 10th Dec 2014
Penguin 4.0 - 27th Sept 2016

Hummingbird 01 – 20 Aug 2013
Pigeon 01 - 24 July 2014
Rank Brain -26 Oct 2015
Core Algo update8 Jan 2016
Ad words shake up23 Feb 2016
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